Recipe: Delicious Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes

Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes. Now Choose From Multiple Easy & Delicious Recipes To Create That Perfect Meal. Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes Yellow Bliss Road. Mom's Famous Cheesy Potato Casserole is an absolute staple when it comes to Holiday cooking.

Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes We like to use cream of chicken soup because of the flavors that it adds. If don't eat chicken, feel free to use your favorite creamy soup. Just make sure it's gluten free. You can cook Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes

  1. It’s 1 of Potato.
  2. Prepare of Mushrooms.
  3. Prepare of Gouda Cheese.
  4. Prepare of Onions.
  5. Prepare of Black Pepper.
  6. It’s of Garlic Powder.

Peel, wash and quarter the potatoes. While the potatoes are cooking, finely slice the mushrooms and chop the onion. Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with mushroom soup recipe. This baked casserole is so creamy because of the cream of mushroom soup we use.

Mushroom Cheesy Potatoes instructions

  1. 🔷Wash a potato and then put in a bowl or plate and microwave for 5 mins.
  2. 🔷Cut potatoes into rings and fry with little oil until golden brown(season with salt and garlic).
  3. 🔷 Set out potatoes in plate 🔷Fry mushrooms with onions until done and then add cheese and make a cheese mushroom ball and then put that on top of your potatoes.
  4. 🔷 serve with fresh cream and salad.
  5. .

This is a classic side dish recipe for Thanksgiving! Pour over potatoes and mushrooms in baking dish. Spray a casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray. In a bowl, combine milk, soup and sour cream. This Easy Creamy Cheesy Potato Bake is true to its name – easy and creamy and cheesy!

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