Recipe: Perfect Carrot soup

Carrot soup. Carrots are cooked in chicken broth in this soup which is seasoned with dill weed, marjoram and thyme. Half -and-half and a corn starch thickener are added before serving. This easy carrot soup recipe is a great way to use up a bag of carrots that were forgotten in your produce drawer.

Carrot soup If you don't have Yukon Golds on hand, russet potatoes will work, too. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin In a medium sized stock pot, over high heat, combine the chicken stock, carrots, garlic, dill weed, salt and butter. The key to carrot soup is, unsurprisingly, the carrots. If you can, try to get a few bundles of the smaller carrots with the stems still on. You can have Carrot soup using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Carrot soup

  1. It’s 3 of carrots.
  2. You need to taste of salt.
  3. It’s of water.

I find the bulk bags of de-stemmed carrots are less sweet. Ultimately, though, you can use any carrot—even purple or white ones—and I won't yell at you. Recipe adapted from my creamy roasted cauliflower soup and roasted carrots recipe. Carrot ginger soup variation: Add freshly grated ginger with the garlic and ground spices.

Carrot soup instructions

  1. Peel the carrot and cut them into pieces. Put the washed carrots in a sufuria and boil them for 15 mins.
  2. Remove, drain excess water. Blend them in a food processor to puree. Transfer to a large bowl, stir to mix well and season with salt..
  3. Serve hot with bread rolls or vegetables.

The BEST way to eat carrots!! The humble carrot makes an amazing creamy carrot soup – but when you sneak bacon in, it makes it over-the-top delicious!. This is a terrific carrot recipe to serve as a meal. Thick and creamy, savoury and sweet, Carrot Soup is quick to make, healthy, freezes brilliantly, and the only thing it needs is hot crusty bread for dunking. Preheat medium pot over medium high heat.

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