Recipe: Appetizing Steam Cauliflower

Steam Cauliflower. Steamed cauliflower is a wonderfully easy and nutritious dish—or a great base for other recipes—and is super easy. Steaming cauliflower can be done in a pan, with a steamer basket, or in the. Cauliflower is a highly nutritious, tender vegetable when prepared properly.

Steam Cauliflower All you have to do is chop the cauliflower and steam it. Then drizzle it with a bit of olive oil, herbs and salt and pepper. Your steamed cauliflower is now ready to be enjoyed as a simple side, maybe tossed with a little butter or olive oil and salt The possibilities are endless. You can have Steam Cauliflower using 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Steam Cauliflower

  1. It’s 1 head of cauliflower.
  2. It’s 2 tsp of soy sauce.
  3. It’s of Sesame oil.
  4. You need strips of Ginger.
  5. You need strips of Spring onion.

How to Steam Cauliflower in the Microwave. Learn how to steam cauliflower with this simple method. Steamed cauliflower is so versatile and can be used Steamed cauliflower can be used for so many things – from side dishes to mixed in pasta. Use this simple recipe when making our cauliflower puree and cauliflower salad.

Steam Cauliflower step by step

  1. Steam Cauli flower. When half done remove and arrange in a plate.
  2. Add oil in wok, quickly stir fry ginger and spring onion. Then sprinkle on top of vegetables. Pour soy sauce and sesame oil all over the vegetables. To absorb the flavour.

It's also an easy side dish recipe. Steamed Cauliflower is so easy to make! Cauliflower florets steamed in a pot of water, then seasoned with salt, pepper and butter! Cauliflower is an extremely healthy and great tasting vegetable, as long as it's been cooked correctly. For many years, steaming cauliflower has been the people's choice because of its undeniable.

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