Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋

Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋. Based on the efforts of the predecessors,this paper picks up three words and expressions-"imperial army","eat clams","purple lotus" as the subject of investigation and elaboration in order to probe into their etymology. A neat trick is used the cracked egg shell as a measuring device. Use half of a cracked egg shell to scoop up the clam broth.

Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋 Steam. 简介 · · · · · · Steamed Egg with Clams 也称蛤蜊蒸蛋,蛤蜊是年菜中必有的材料。 关键是鲜美,好做,大爱! 蛤蜊蒸蛋的英文: Steamed Egg with Clams. egg是什么意思: n. 卵,卵子;蛋;家伙 v. 怂恿. Steamed Crispy Rice Roll with Shrimp (金网脆皮虾蒸肠粉) Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp (鲜虾滑肠粉) Steamed Rice Roll with Char Siew Pork. You can cook Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋 using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋

  1. You need 2 of eggs (~100 cc) 雞蛋兩顆.
  2. Prepare of several clams (as many as you want) 蛤蜊適量.
  3. You need 200 cc of water 水200cc.

Clam Steamed Egg 蛤蜊蒸蛋 instructions

  1. Cook the clams with 200 cc water, stop it when the clams open themselves. 蛤蜊加200cc的水煮到蛤蜊打開。.
  2. Crack two eggs in the bowl, and then mix them with the water that just boiled the clams. 兩顆蛋打在碗裡,並加入剛剛煮蛤蜊的水,攪拌均勻。.
  3. Add water into the steamer and put the bowl in the steamer. After steaming for 10 minutes, put the clams on top of the egg and the steamed egg is done. 蛋液碗放入電鍋,外鍋加水蒸十分鐘後,將蛤蜊放置在蒸蛋上方即可。.

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