Easiest Way to Make Delicious 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup. Braised ribs with tomato and potato. 香菇牛肉末烧豆腐. Stir -fried Tofu with Shredded beef and mushroom. 素炒奶白菜. Fish soup with white radish. 米饭.

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup Pigeon soup with goji and red dates. 午餐. 红枣饭. Steamed rice with red dates. 红烧鸡翅. Vermicelli with spicy minced pork. 豆腐皮毛毛菜. You can have 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup

  1. You need of 玉米 Sweet corn (1).
  2. It’s of 紫萝卜,红萝卜 Carrots (purple &, red 1 each).
  3. It’s of 排骨 Pork ribs (250g).

Fried green vegetableswith bean curd shin. 下午点心. Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup (玉米排骨汤) White Carrot Pork Rib Soup (白萝卜排骨汤) Double Mushroom Chicken Soup (双菇鸡汤) Bitter Gourd Pineapple Pork Rib Soup (苦瓜黄梨排骨汤) Chinese Cabbage (Napa) Soup ( 大白菜汤) Fish Maw Napa Cabbage Soup (大白菜鱼鳔汤) Salted Vegetable Duck Soup (咸菜鸭汤) 线上订购来自New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Boiled Soup (Telok Blangah)的美味餐点 快速外送到府及办公室 浏览线上菜单与推荐食评 安全及多元线上付款 Carrot Pork Ribs Soup – 萝卜排骨汤. Sweet Corn Pork Ribs Soup – 玉米排骨汤. Load More 汤+米饭 杏鲍菇烩鸡柳+西芹百合豆干+萝卜 排骨汤+杂粮饭 松仁焗大虾+甜椒炒生瓜+白菜肉圆 汤+米饭 芹菜胡萝卜蛋炒饭+香煎豆腐+味 增汤 香炸鸡块+千层面+蔬菜汤(西兰 花,胡萝卜,玉米) Snack cookie, apple sweet potato soup, sweet melon egg tart, orange cake, pear cake with meat.

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup step by step

  1. 玉米,萝卜切块 Cut sweet corns and carrots into sections.
  2. 汆烫排骨 Blanch pork ribs with hot water.
  3. 把所有材料和水放入压力锅,加1小搓盐,煮20分钟 Put all ingredients and water into pressure cooker, add a pinch of salt, cook for 20mins.

Pork Chops 连骨头的猪排 Rolled Porkloin 卷好的腰部瘦肉. Rolled Pork Belly 卷好的腰部瘦肉连带皮 Pork sausage meat 做香肠的绞肉. Smoked Bacon 醺肉 Pork Fillet 小里肌肉. Spare Rib Pork chops 带骨的瘦肉 Spare Rib of Pork 小排骨肉.

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