Recipe: Tasty Coriander and cumin rice

Coriander and cumin rice. Find Deals on Cumin Coriander in Seasonings on Amazon. Ghee or Butter, whole spices (bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves), jeera (or cumin seeds), green chillies, basmati rice and freshly chopped coriander. Thats all of six ingredients which you probably have in your pantry, so making this is actually easier than you thought!

Coriander and cumin rice Now firstly add salt to taste than lemon juice and finally chopped coriander. Add chicken and toss to coat. Add bay leaves ,cinnamon, cloves &cardamom saute it very well. You can have Coriander and cumin rice using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Coriander and cumin rice

  1. You need 1 cup of clean rice.
  2. You need 1 bunch of chopped coriander.
  3. Prepare 1 of big chopped onion.
  4. It’s 2 tablespoon of cumin seed.
  5. It’s 3 of garlic cloves minced.
  6. It’s 1 tablespoons of ginger minced.
  7. It’s to taste of Salt.

Now add cumin seeds and cook until they splutter. Add the rice and fry it for about one minute n now add coriander leaves. Return wings to the pot; bring to the boil. Source: Once the rice is almost cooked (test a few grains often to check—they will feel soft on the outside but very slightly hard on the inside), remove from fire and drain the water by straining the rice through a sieve or colander.

Coriander and cumin rice step by step

  1. Sweat onions in a pan add the garlic and ginger stir till the aroma starts calling your name..
  2. Now add your rice and stir for two minutes then add water ratio is 1:1 add salt to taste cook covered on low heat till ready serve with your desired stew and enjoy..

Cumin seeds and select Indian spices sautéed in ghee add a unique flavor to plain rice when cooked together. This rice dish is quite common in North India. Jeera Rice makes a delicious and aromatic side dish which can be served with any meal to make it more. This coriander rice recipe Can also be made in a thick-bottomed pot or pan. I have mentioned the pointers in the notes section of the recipe card below.

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