Recipe: Delicious Crab or Lobster Bisque

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Crab or Lobster Bisque Add the mushrooms, onion, celery, and carrot. Serve lobster bisque with additional black pepper and parsley, if desired. Store any leftover lobster bisque in an airtight container in the refrigerator, where it's good for about two to three days. You can cook Crab or Lobster Bisque using 15 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Crab or Lobster Bisque

  1. You need 1 lb of Crab Meat or Lobster.
  2. It’s 1/4 cup of White Wine or Cooking Sherry.
  3. You need 1/4 cup of White Flour.
  4. You need 2 cups of Seafood Stock.
  5. Prepare 14 oz of Tomato Puree.
  6. Prepare 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream.
  7. You need 1 cup of Half & Half.
  8. You need 2 tbsp of Finely Chopped Sweet Onion.
  9. You need 4 tbsp of Butter.
  10. It’s 1 of Finely Chopped Celery Stalk.
  11. You need 3 oz of Finely Chopped Carrot.
  12. Prepare 1 of Garlic Clove.
  13. Prepare 1 tsp of Paprika.
  14. It’s 1 tsp of Thyme.
  15. It’s 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce.

In a large, heavy pot over medium heat, heat butter. Season with salt, pepper, and Old Bay, then stir in garlic and tomato paste. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan and start to roast the lobster and crab bones, once started to roast well, add the onion, carrot and celery and cook over low heat. When the vegetables are lightly browned, add the parsley, thyme and bay leaf, stirring occasional so they don't stick.

Crab or Lobster Bisque instructions

  1. Very finely chop the onion, celery & carrot..
  2. Make sure you get as much of the crab shell out as you can. There are some tips & tricks to doing this that you can look up on Google..
  3. With a large pot on medium heat, melt butter and then add flour. Stir until roux bubbles..
  4. Add onion, celery & carrot. Cook/stir until vegetables are soft..
  5. Add the rest of the ingredients except for crab/lobster meat. Stir until you get desired thickness..
  6. Add crab/lobster meat. Stir and cook long enough for meat to heat up..
  7. That's it. Serve. Let me know what you think please!.

Roughly chop the shells into small pieces and reserve, along with all the lobster remains. Swirl the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat, then add the vegetables and herbs. Nothing beats a rich and velvety lobster or crab bisque served with a piece of warm crusty bread. Don't worry, we found five of the best recipes for you. Curious about what a bisque is, and how it differs from a chowder?

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