Recipe: Perfect Anything goes cocktail

Anything goes cocktail. Read the best recipes and find Anything Goes variations on The. Items similar to Signature Drink Anything Goes Cocktail Glass – Vintage Home Bar Decor on Etsy. Details Rosanna "Anything Goes!" set of four coasters with cocktail motif.

Anything goes cocktail Then you can drink it and anything goes after you have had a few! Pretty much anything goes with vodka! You've got fruity vodka cocktails like the Bay Breeze, classy ones like the Gimlet and Cosmo, spicy like the Bloody Mary, and bubbly ones like the Vodka Tonic. You can cook Anything goes cocktail using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Anything goes cocktail

  1. Prepare Handful of frozen mango.
  2. Prepare Handful of frozen pineapple.
  3. You need 2 shots of gin.
  4. You need Splash of orange squash (for sweetness).

These drinks should be in every cocktail enthusiasts repertoire. And now…the best vodka cocktails to try! Depending on your bartender, the Horsefeather can be served in an old-fashioned glass, collins glass, or a copper mug. Since the ratios aren't super strict, anything goes, really!

Anything goes cocktail instructions

  1. Collect ingredients from what you have, essentially some form of fruit preferably frozen but if fresh just add in some ice to make it an iced cocktail, some kind of alcohol and something for sweetness we used squash but you could use honey or jam or something..
  2. Whack it in the blender, whizz away until smooth.
  3. Try and find a spot of sun in your lockdown zone and enjoy!!!.

DIRECTIONS "It's a great cocktail because of its historic nature and elegant simplicity," Rosen says. "Drinking a Whiskey Collins is like going back in time to the earliest days of drinking." Choose Your Whisky. Almost anything goes in a Collins, although it is usually made with American whiskey. Said to have come from the Planter's Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, this rum-infused cocktail is balanced with fresh lemon juice, orange juice and pineapple juice for a palate-pleaser that goes down easy. For those having lobster in a more intimate setting, the Manhattan is a classy and classic cocktail to choose. Anything Goes is a musical with music and lyrics by Cole Porter.

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