The number of claims related to heart disease has decreased by 63% in the last two years, according to data from general insurance companies. Compared to 7,360 applications in 2019-20, there were only 2,737 applications as of August 2021.

Women recorded a larger decrease in the number of damage with 63.8% compared with 62.4% for men. This is in good agreement with results from a recent ICICI Lombard survey that found nearly 87% of women with heart disease, compared to 74% of men, have regular health checkups. The survey was conducted among 1,493 people across the country in September 2021.

Among cities, Kolkata saw the largest drop in damage numbers at 74.9%, followed by 71.6% for Chennai and 70.6% for Pune. As for surgeries, both elective and non-elective surgeries declined during Covid, with numbers falling by 50.5% and 64.3%, respectively.

Despite the decline in the number of claims for heart disease, up to 68% of people have taken out additional health insurance since Covid, while 15% of people plan to increase it. This is likely because 69% of women and 43% of men who suffered from heart disease had developed Covid in the past two years, while nearly two-thirds of respondents had heart problems after contracting Covid.

As a result, more than two thirds of those surveyed started eating healthy and exercising regularly in order to stay fit, according to the survey. Also, 46% of people believe health insurance has become a necessity, while one in three think health insurance is more important now than it was before Covid.

The payout for women has decreased by 57.1%, for men by 55.2%

gender 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 (until August)
Number of claims Payout Number of claims Payout Number of claims Payout
Masculine 5,327 680 4,616 646 2,001 304
Feminine 2,033 212 1,638 182 736 91
total 7,360 892 6.254 829 2,737 395

Kolkata saw the biggest drop of 74.9%

city Number of claims % Age decrease in
No. of claims
2019-20 2021-22 (until August)
Mumbai 1,252 403 67.8%
Delhi NCR 1,127 395 64.9%
Hyderabad 565 211 62.6%
Chennai 500 142 71.6%
Bengaluru 435 159 63.4%
Pune 371 109 70.6%
Calcutta 335 84 74.9%
Ahmedabad 148 75 49.3%

Source: claims data from ICICI Lombard


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